Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Closed until Further Notice.

I've decided to make my deviantART account more active.

In a day of uploading a few images I've already been "favourited" by a few people, I'm being "watched" by a few people and I've been welcomed into a couple of groups for Australian artists and comic artists.

I knew that it was a thriving and active community and I've been meaning to increase my activity there for a while. It seems like I should have done this a while ago. DeviantART seems to be a far less insular community than The Forge or Storygames, with thousands of active members and hundreds of communal groups. It also looks like a better feeder for the Vulpinoid Studios website.

Friday, October 30, 2009

What happened?

Well this obviously didn't take off as well as I'd hoped.

I'm in the middle of painting some figures, so there might be some images of them shortly.

Monday, July 13, 2009

A new blog

Why a new blog?

That's simple.

My other blog "Observations of the Fox" is meant to be about things I've seen and my commentaries about the things I've seen. Predominantly, that blog is about a combination of philosophy, roleplaying and occasionally an actual observation crops up.

In the year that the other blog has existed, there have been a couple of artistic posts, not many...and since I've decided that it's about time that I started resuming my artistic endeavours, I naturally decided that it was probably a good time to start up a new blog.

This one will contain a range of digital images, photos taken, objects created, and if you're really unlucky I might post some poetry.

Let's see where it goes.